Sunday, August 19, 2012

Artist Inspirations: The Oregon Coast

As artists, we all need inspiration to fuel our creative fire. Inspiration can be found anywhere;  in a painter's brush strokes, in a poet's melodious words, in the peaceful sound of a flowing creek or in the orchestra of sparrow songs high in the trees. To find inspiration, the key is to open our hearts and souls to all life offers us. When we do, the lily in mid-bloom becomes luminous and the kiss from our beloved becomes transcendent.

I want to record and share the people, places and things that inspire me, to keep my own creative fire burning. Here is one of my all time favorite places:

The Oregon Coast

Last summer, my boyfriend and I went on a vacation to the Oregon Coast. This was not the first time I had ever cruised down Highway 101 along this lush landscape of rocky coastlines and lush forests. But on this trip, this place penetrated my soul on a deeper level and planted thousands of seeds of inspiration. Here are a few photos I took on our travels:

I loved this wood footbridge. So picturesque and peaceful. I could sit here with a book of poems and my journal all afternoon.

This shipwreck from long ago on the beach spurred my imagination. While history tells us exactly what happened, I found it inspiring to create my own stories about the people who crashed on the beach and what the ship once looked like.

Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach never ceases to amaze me. We trekked the beach in our bare feet, in search of sea shells and glimpses of starfish and driftwood. This is an image of Haystack Rock in a late morning overcast haze.

We visited the aquarium in Newport and I was struck my the surreal beauty of jellyfishes. I loved the way their opalescent bodies illuminate in the deep blue sea.

What inspires you? Please feel free to comment on what tiny glimmers of life spurs you to create!


  1. Lovely photos! I find inspiration and wonder all around me, as I'm fortunate to live in a beautiful area. I've always wanted to see the Oregon coast, though. Been to CA and WA, but not Oregon....hopefully one day!

  2. Beautiful surroundings is always a blessed thing! One day you must go yo the Oregon coast Barbara! Thanks for stopping by:)