Saturday, April 28, 2012

In Circles of Hypnosis

The lake creases like lovers' sheets,
whose eddies of slumber shape new geographies.
A million fingerprints of secret beings
surface, sweep under, in circles of hypnosis.

The sun labors its glare; the sky exhales,
waves flow shore-bound in a slow waltz.
She is a songstress in a silver-sequined dress,
a city aglow with lights at dusk.
Over ripples, sparks skip, and swing
into oblivion.

An unsought music is magnified:
the breeze licking the leaves,
a motorboat whizzing by,
a robin perched on a barbecue
flaring his song-proud breast
to the June sun.

--Poem by Jessica Nash

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Life Louder than a Saharan Sun

I want theatre and Venetian perfumes, opiates and Indian spices
I want rickety roller-coasters and sequined acrobats
I want to wear old Hollywood ball gowns and parade downtown
I want to bathe in holy water full of jasmine buds
I want to inhale the froth of waterfalls
I want poetry on billboards and loudspeakers
I want to love my love with all my love
I want velvet-kisses and blueberry waffles in bed
I want to sing and dance in Technicolor light beams
I want to soar away, to a kingdom of vixens and sea monsters
I want to stretch my wings on currents of chaos
I want to peer down on coastal monsoons and lion caves
I want to release a cluster of rainbow balloons
I want to see them pop, pop, pop at the edge of dawn
I want to lose all direction, run wild in the witch's hour
I want sinful sensuality and ecstatic irrationality
I want life, a fantastic, lunatic life worthy of lyric
I want life--a life louder than a Saharan sun
slapping beds of sand.

--Poem by Jessica Nash

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Clear Crick Cottage -- The artist behind my new banner!!

The other day I received the most beautiful surprise :) Sherilyn Koss, the talented artist behind the Etsy shop Clear Crick Cottage, presented me with the blog banner that is presently on my page. I feel like this banner gave my blog a much-needed face lift, with its color and artistry. My Etsy shop banner was done by her as well. I love how she incorporated the John William Waterhouse painting "The Soul of the Rose", along with elegantly cropped photos of my artwork in my shop. Along with having fantastic digital collage skills, Sherilyn also creates unique handmade jewelry that she sells at her Etsy shop, which you can find here:

Sherilyn also has a Clear Crick Cottage blog that has gorgeous imagery of old-fashioned beauties and whimsical illustrations. You can check out her blog by going to

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Dream Come True (Finally!!!)

For two years I dreamed about opening my own Etsy shop with my mixed media/collage/decoupage artwork. I actually created many things over the last couple of years, storing them in the closet until the day I got the nerve to make this dream come true! My shop, Lovely Fever, has been open for a month and I have to say, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had for such a long time. Above anything, its so wonderful to be recognized for the creative person I am and to actively engage with other creative souls on Etsy. Everyday there is a new challenge, a new inspiration. I look forward to posting more about my creative journey and all the fabulous things that inspire me.