Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Way to Save on Vintage Ephemera

I adore sifting through thrift store bins and flea market stands for lovely paper remnants from the past. How thrilling it is to find a 1940's women's magazine stockpiled with fashion sketches, skin cream ads and glimpses of Old Hollywood glamour.

One vintage magazine alone holds a myriad of creative sparks. I love to delicately cut along images that complement my personal style, then arrange them with decorative paper and found objects in a one of a kind collage.

One thing I don't love is to waste valuable resources. Vintage emphemera can be expensive. Lately, I am using my scanner and photo editing programs to preserve and reuse vintage ephemera. This saves me both time and money, as I can re-size images to fit particular projects and can make one new again with a little digital manipulation.

Having a computer file full of scanned and re-purposed vintage ephemera can help when money is scarce. And some pictures are just too beautiful to only use once!

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